Kaynaat Naeem | August 31, 2017

Coke Studio has ruled over the music Industry of Pakistan and this 10th season makes it a decade old reign. Capturing the attention of audiences all across the world, 10 seasons and hundreds of hit songs have been made. Strings are producing and directing the show for the 3rd consecutive year after Rohail Hayat.

Recently-aired Episode 3 is features 4 songs, including

  • ‘Laal Meri Pat’ by Quratulain Balouch, Arieb Azhar and Akbar Ali
  • ‘Ronay Na Diya’ by Sajjad Ali and Zaw Ali,
  • ‘Baazi’ by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga
  • ‘Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat’ by Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat as a humble tribute to Malika-e-Tarranum, Madam Noor Jehan.

Episode 3 was released digitally on Friday, August 25 and went on the air on Saturday, August 26. Quratulain Balouch came back with her second single of Season 10, and shares:

“It’s always a great experience to be part of Coke Studio and you get to learn a lot every season. It’s always been amazing when you’re working with incredible producers and getting golden opportunities of singing classic numbers like ‘Laung Gawacha’ and ‘Sammi Meri Waar’.”

Quratulain Balouch stepped up her game and with Arieb Azhar’s phenomenal voice, ‘Laal Meri Pat’ became one of the most loved music compositions this season. Greatly appreciated, this track has made its way in everyone’s playlists. This is Arieb’s fourth contribution to Coke Studio after ‘Husn-e-Haqiqi, ‘Na Raindee Hai’ and ‘Mori Araj Suno’.

According to Arieb Azhar,

‘The version of ‘Laal Meri Pat’ could’ve been better. They all did a great job and the recitation adds to it but I would prefer the version my band plays for a live audience’

Akbar Ali made his Coke Studio debut in Season 10, he also has formal training in Qawaali accompanied with classical music and he has mastery over thumri Raag.

Music director, composer, and singer, Sahir Ali Bagga makes his debut on Coke Studio 10 as one of the 9 music directors that were featured as an artist in the show He remarked:

 “Coke studio is a big platform for music in Pakistan and is well recognized not only in the country but also all over the world.

Coke Studio has intertwined with Pakistan’s identity and it is truly has become ‘The Sound of the Nation’. I have always admired the platform, and it was a dream to be part of the team. So I’m excited to finally be a part of Coke Studio, especially in the milestone Season 10. It’s been a very good experience for me to be a part of this phenomenon that is Coke Studio.”

With 3 episodes out, Coke Studio Season 10 has given a chance to music lovers across the borders to talk about the music featured on the platform. As the statistics tell us, Coke Studio of Pakistan has more viewership than Coke Studio India which is promising when it comes to Music Industry.

Coke Studio Season 10 is undoubtedly playing a very important role in highlighting local talent for a decade now and we can’t wait for the next episode!

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