Why didn’t anyone tell us that we use the Saavn app incorrectly? There are several ways in which we mess up our streaming, but now that we are going to learn a few tricks, chances of become a Saavn super expert are high.

  1. Flip The Switch

We just *hate* it when a song is interrupted, usually it happens at the best part, by a notification suddenly popping out of nowhere. So now we flip the little mute switch on the side of our iPhone or an android, and we are all good. No more annoying dings or unwanted notification bells.

  1. Go To Radio

We love both Saavn and Pandora because their stations so often play the songs we like the most. Although having your own playlist is very pleasing but being able to hear cool songs on a live station seems effortless. When you select your playlist, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and “Go to Radio” where you can enjoy live music being played 24/7.


  1. I Want You Back!

Did you just dump an old playlist and regret the action already? No worries, now you can have it back in a snap of a finger. Simply re-download the app and all your songs will be right where you had saved them earlier. It’s back! 😀

  1. Get Cleaned Up (Or Dirty)

If you’re on a look-out for a cleaner version of your NSFW songs, now you can easily find them by going to the category’s section, which is available on the home page of the app.


  1. Is There An Echo In Here?

If so, you can go on to the app Settings first, select the streaming quality ranging from ‘Sorta High…ish?’ to “Super Duper High’… this gives you an amazing option of selecting the sound quality of your enite playlist!


  1. Hear What You Understand…

In this music app, there is an option of listening to the songs in many languages (Hindi, English, Udu, Tamil etc). Go to your ‘Settings’, select ‘Music Languages’ and get a taste of traditional and international music.


  1. Saavn Tells ‘What’s In’ these Days…

Saavn app gives you an option of viewing the daily, weekly & monthly ‘Top Charts’. Also it tells you what’s trending now a days in the music industry…

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