Rock music world went into a shock when the legendary star of AC/DC and Easy Beats musician passed away earlier today.

According to AC/DC,

‘Band wouldn’t have existed without the guidance of Young. As a musician, songwriter, producer, advisor and much, much more, you could not ask for a more dedicated and professional man. You could not ask for a finer brother. We will always remember him with gratitude and hold him close to our hearts.’

George co-produced AC/DC’s early albums like TNT, Dirty Deeds Done Cheap and Let there be Rock. He started his career with The Easybeats back in in the ’60s and he was featured in the ARIA Hall of Fame alongside lead guitarist, Harry Vada.

One of his hits was ‘Friday on my Mind’. He co-wrote this song with The Easybeats and the song went on to No.1 in Australia, No. 6 in the UK and Top 20 in the US.

As a rocker, as the brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm Young, he proved to be the spine of their music careers.

George, pictured second from the right, with his bandmates Harry Vanda, Stevie Wright, Dick Dimonde and Gordon Fleet in 1966


The Easybeats pose for a group portrait in Germany in 1967


“George just picked up things you and I would say and turn them into songs.”

-John Young

The world lost a great rocker today. Perhaps we need to live rock n’ roll again.

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