Arif Lohar’s prominence began a long time back and his work has made a huge impression in music circles.  His father Alam Lohar was the famous Pakistani Folk singer who introduced Chimta as a musical instrument.  Arif Lohar, following in his father’s footsteps with the chimta as his signature item has also fascinated not only Pakistanis but audiences around the world too.

Without any doubt, Coke Studio is recognized as a brand and when you think of Coke Studio’s success stories ‘Arif Lohar’ is one of the biggest names under the brand and he gained great admiration for his folk song ‘Jugni’.

Now however, it seems that Arif Lohar has lost interest in Coke Studio.  He has withheld performing in al branded music events in order to avoid politics and the changing agendas of people.

Now Arif Lohar is of the view that he should stick to his roots and return to traditional folk singing.  He aims to emphasize on traditional music while exclusively promoting his love for Punjabi or LOK songs.  Recently, Arif Lohar stated that his fame initiated from singing in public, mostly in the open air and that is what is closest to his heart. The open air surroundings and live audiences suit his folklore and that is  what makes him the happiest.

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