On Tuesday this week, the British singer Sting’s concert tickets were sold out in less than half an hour.  A total of 1,000 tickets were on sale for his concert at the Bataclan, which is taking place on the eve of the anniversary of the gruesome terrorist attack last year.

The artist will perform at a concert this Saturday, to reopen the theatre in Paris.  While the capacity of the theatre is capable of accommodating approximately 1,500 people, the Lagardere Live Entertainment (the owner of Bataclan theatre) has invited the survivors of the attack along with their families, to attend the concert.

Sting last played at the Bataclan theatre in 1979 as the lead vocalist of the band, “The Police.”  All proceeds from the concert will be donated by the singer to help survivors of the incident.  The 65-year-old musician is also releasing his latest album, “57th & 9th“on the eve of the concert.  The following day, on the anniversary of the tragic incident, the Bataclan will remain closed.  A plaque will be unveiled outside the theatre, commemorating the victims.

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