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Kaynaat Naeem | December 12, 2017

All the truck drivers in Pakistan spend thousands of rupees on their vehicles for paint and decoration, and for that, truck drivers get appreciation and attention from people all around which is priceless for them. Not just that, but the catchy verses on the back of the truck, the lights and colors make the onlookers tweet, snapchat and Instagram from their phones while they are on the road.

Today, we’ll be talking about the master of truck drivers, the savior, and companion of many on the road of Pakistan, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi who is fondly known as Lala and considered one of the best folk icons of the world.

The legendary folk artist is outstandingly popular through his cassettes played in trucks, buses and tea stalls called Dhaabas. Apart from General Ayub Khan and Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah’s photographs, Attaullah’s portraits are also seen massively at the back of the trucks in KPK and Punjab.

Truck drivers escape through his music. From the loneliness of highways, this Mianwali-born vocalist Attahullah Khan Esakhelvi is the constant companion of Pakistani truck drivers, his kameez shalwar, and shawl on one shoulder became the poster boy image for traditional Pakistani music.


He has recorded more than 50,000 songs in seven languages. He has received a lifetime achievement Award from Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and had his name entered in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1994 for the highest number of audio albums released as well.

Attaullah’s hits are many, but some of the most famous includes:

Here’s the best Pakistani trucking songs of legendary folk singer Attaullah Khan:

  1. Main Sharabi Hoon:


  1. Qameez Teri Kaali :


  1. Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaza :


  1. Raatan:


  1. We Bol Sanwal :


  1. Ishq Main Hum Tumhain Kya Batayain:


  1. Theva Mundri Tha Theva


  1. Who Bahaar Ka Zamana:


  1. Mahi Wasey Mera


  1. Aaaj Kala Jora Paya


  1. Acha Sila Diya Tune:


  1. Key Bay Dardan Sang:


  1. Sab Maya Hay:


  1. Dil Laganay Ki Humko Mili Yeh Saza:


  1. Dil Lagaya Tha Dil Lagi Kay Liye:


  1. Challa:


  1. Chimta Taan Wajda:


  1. Bedard Dhola:


  1. Sachi Dass Ve Dhola Kal Kyon Nai Aaya:


  1. Apna Garan Howe:


Coke Studio brought him back to revive our generation of the music they were missing and after that, we have seen his son, Sanwal Esakhelvi on this season of Coke Studio. We hope to see more of him in the coming events because Phaser loved listening to him live at this year’s Music Mela. Till then, listen to these amazing songs and let us know about your favorite one.

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