Kaynaat Naeem | July 25, 2017

Danyal Zafar is following his big bro’s footstep by jumping into the same profession. Danyal  is gearing up to be a stellar in his debut in Coke Studio’s upcoming season and his first performance is with none other than the Afreen girl, Mominah Mustehsan, who had charmed everyone in the last season of Coke Studio.

While talking about his debut in Coke Studio, Danyal told media, “I always dreamt of a debut that could best help me express myself as an artist in such a way that my music could also connect with people. There are two aspects to this, one: the platform where you launch your music, this is where I was lucky enough to be considered worthy of appearing on Coke Studio – a dream comes true. Two: the music itself.”

He further said, “Sometimes when you are working on a song that’s already been created, it’s a gamble – whether or not it’s going to be something you’ll like or whether is it true to your essence as a musician or not. I am glad that I have been very fortunate in both instances.”

When the news of Danyal’s debut in Coke Studio came out, a new debate started on social media about how Danyal would perform and will he be able to shine as Mominah glittered when she had her Coke Studio debut.

This emerging star has established himself as a versatile youth icon by doing all what a musician can do, i.e. being a lyricist, a vocalist and a guitarist.  At a very early age, he found passion for music. He has been into music from the time when he was 14, by recording several guitar tracks for his elder brother. He is also working on his debut album that is soon going to be a part of your daily playlist.

We wish to see Daynal on the skies of success like his brother.

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