Electric and Musical Industries, most commonly known as EMI, is rising back to strengthen the falling music industry.

EMI Pakistan has just come up with the 2 music albums and 3 music videos in July and everything they came up with is getting a great response from the public. The record label has released the work of three musicians, Schaz Khan, Asad Ahmed and Zoheb Hassan.

On 7th July, 2017, Schaz Khan’s music video “Main Udaan Hoon” from the album, “Piyar Mein” was released, while Asad Ahmed’s “Animal” came out on 14th July, one week after “Main Udaan Hoon”. Asad Ahmed’s album “Rebirth” also came out the same day. And exactly after one week, Zoheb Hassan’s music video of “Silsilay” was released by the record label. “Silsilay” is a song from Zoheb Hassan’s new album “Signature”. Two of the songs from this album were released in 2015 and 2016. The album has been released on 21st July, along with the music video of “Silsilay”.

EMI Pakistan has a great contribution in the music industry of the Indo-Pak ever since it emerged in 1931. Over the period of time, buying and selling music culture got vanished and that’s where the downfall of our music industry started to happen. EMI Pakistan is taking an initiative to bring back that culture, to benefit the artists by paying them the royalties, in the hope to make the industry stand again. COO EMI Pakistan, Zeeshan Chaudhry believes that the record label can help the artists earn their identity back, and will put up every effort to make our music industry shine in the galaxy of music world again.

We wish to see EMI Pakistan getting success in their efforts of rebuilding and furnishing Pakistan music industry. It must be a hard and tough battle to fight, but with this enthusiasm, we believe EMI Pakistan can make it happen again.

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