Pakistani Female Musicians Breaking Barriers in the Field Of Music

 Women play an important role in the development of every country and are an integral part of our society.  Unfortunately, Pakistan is still struggling for women rights and equality. It’s not easy to be a musician in Pakistan, but as in other areas,  Pakistani women are breaking barriers in music too. In fact, female musicians and artists have been playing a prominent role in the image building of Pakistan as they perform worldwide and showcase their immense talent.
On this Women’s Day 2018, we paid tribute to the female musicians who have and are breaking barriers and making Pakistan proud. Here are some of these women who have inspired generations of Pakistani music fans.

  1. Nazia Hassan
    Nazia Hassan was THE pioneer female singer in the pop music industry of the Pakistan; her songs “Disco Dewaane” and “Dum Dum Dee Dee” were some of the most famous songs of their time.  Nazia Hassan was the first pop singer of Pakistan who gained national and international fame in the field of music.  Her untimely, sudden death shocked the entire nation, but her contributions to music will never be forgotten.
    Hadiqa Kiyani is one of the most talented singers Pakistan has ever produced. She has constantly been winning awards for her contributions and has been performing internationally and nationally for almost two decades now. She has sung in many languages and experimented with fusion.  Recently she got an award of ‘Best Album Of The Year’ at LUX Style Awards 2018.
    Fariha is also one the pioneer female singers of Pakistan, who never compromises on quality and hard work. Her beautiful vocals are always on point whatever she sings; her first album “Patang Baaz” remains a super hit of our time.
    Meesha is one the coolest female musicians in the Pakistan music industry. She started her career with her band named “Overload” and impressed the audience with her rocking performances. Her debut in Coke Studio with Arif Lohar was a big hit of its time, as she sung “Jugni” with him.  Meesha is one of the most talented female singers of Pakistan and is now known as a complete, successful style icon.
  5. Zoe Viccaji
    Zoe Viccaji is another super star female singer from Karachi, who earned success in the field of music in a very short time. She started her career as a back-up vocalist in Coke Studio. Zoe has been playing the guitar and writing songs since the age of fifteen. Her music speaks for herself and she is one of the most talented singers of Pakistan.
  6. Natasha Baig
    Natasha Baig is another gem of Pakistani music, a beautiful, young talent. She first appeared in Cornetto Music Icons 2013 as a contestant and is now playing a prominent role in our music industry.
    Sara Haider is a talented name in the Pakistani music industry who is just growing in stature every year. Last year she won the Lux Style Awards; after her debut in Coke Studio, she has become well known for her unique style and vocals.
    How can we forget QB, a catchy voice with a unique style. QB is a Pakistani female singer who gave us the famous OST track of “Humsafar”. She has also received various awards in the field of music.
    Natasha Humera Ijaz is a singer, song-writer and musician from Islamabad. She started her career at very young age and won the hearts of people through her music.
    Aima Baig is one of the emerging talents of our music industry; her enthusiasm has made her a celebrated vocalist of Pakistan today. Aima began her singing profession in 2014 by sharing some of her unique tunes on Sound Cloud. She wound up noticeably acclaimed through social networking. She recently won LUX Style Award 2018 as ‘Best Emerging Talent’.



She is a Pakistani classical folk singer hailing from TharparkarSindh. She formed a folk-band called Mai Dhai Band composed of Jamal Shab, a harmonium player and dhol player, Muhammad Fakir. Mai and her band has performed in US at SXSW Music 2015, where her music style was met with extravagant positive response. She rose to prominence on national television after appearing as a featured artist in eight season of music series Coke Studio.

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