Jaden Smith’s new album is out. And for the time being, it’s only available from his Instagram page. To celebrate his 20th birthday on Sunday, the actor and rapper dropped SYRE: The Electric Album, featuring “electric” takes of tracks last year’s SYRE, which peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard 200 and is certified gold.

Every track is complemented with pink-hued Syre-related artwork and can be heard here at Smith’s Instagram. It’s uncertain when the album will enjoy a wide release. The Electric Album follows the release last month of the clubby new Christian Rich-produced “Ghost,” which is rumoured to be the first track from an upcoming new Jaden Smith album, ERYS.

Well, technically it’s not so much a new album as it is a revamped, “electric” version of his 2017 LP, Syre. What makes Syre: The Electric Album especially intriguing however is the fact it is the first-ever album to be released exclusively on Instagram. Each of the five tracks; “Lost Boy”, “Ninety”, “Young Love Dies Young”, “ICON?” and “B” are accompanied by unique visuals.


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