Music is heard all over the world. The art of music is heavenly for many and it is the food of the soul and

spirit. Those who want to pursue a career in music, learn it properly just like getting an education for

human development and preaches it rather than teaching.

So, here is a great artist, singer, and music preacher – Saif Samejo. Saif Samejo belongs to Jamshoro,

Pakistan and is the lead musician in the band The Sketches. To express his love of music he started

Lahooti Music Aashram back in 2008. Initially, they used to teach music at the Aashram free of cost, but

later on it was figured that they were unable to give it enough time .

The word Aashram is from Sindhi and it means a place to gather and talk freely. Later on Lahooti Music

Aashram was used as a place to gather with different musicians for jams and networking.

Talking to Phaser Saif Samejo says, “It is a kind of place where artists can come and live sometimes too.

When they live here they play as well and it is the time when we invite students from universities, media

and general youth to interact. This all meet and greet is free of cost.”

According to Saif Samejo, the band keeps on improving and adding stuff to the Aashram so that more

and more artists can collaborate, sit and perform. This time they have added a cinnamon leave oil

lamp in the Lahooti Aashraam because Saif finds its smells spiritual and it gives a boost to his mood.

Before the creation of the Aashram, there were Lahooti live sessions where musicians from Sindh

performed. Then the Lahooti series followed in the form of Lahooti Melo, which began in 2016 and

takes place every year. Lahooti Melo is the first international Sufi festival to takes place in Hyderabad,


Phaser wishes good luck to Saif Samejo for his musical venture ‘Lahooti’.

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