Kaynaat Naeem | November 30, 2017

The King of Pop Michael Jackson has set a lot of records, a four-decade career.

The legendary Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album was released on 30th November 1982. The number one selling album “Thriller” spent 190 weeks on the UK album chart, and became the biggest pop selling album of all time, with sales over 50 million copies. Seven singles were released from the album as well.

In 1984, his landmark album became the first album to generate seven Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Thriller was undoubtedly transcendental the way ‘The Beatles’ or ‘Elvis Presley’ were.

The Jackson’s Thriller is a 14-minutes masterpiece horror-themed music video for the song of the same name and was released on December 2, 1983. Jackson’s every video has a distinctive storyline, which showcased the best of Michael Jackson: the performer, the dancer, and the singer. ‘Thriller’ became a case-study and it set a benchmark on how an album can be all-incorporating.

Directed by John Landis, who also wrote the screenplay with Jackson, and it was MTV’s first world premiere video as well. “Thriller” has continuously been voted the most influential pop music video and biggest selling album of all time.

Jackson had Top 10 hits in each of the last five decades, which is beyond amazing!

We remember seeing “Thriller” for the first time, it has blown us away by the outstanding filming, the dancing, the story, and the song.

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