SARANGI- A music initiative by Serena launched amid fanfare

Serena Hotels Islamabad, on 9th November, held a star-studded evening to unveil SARANGI and to clinch the winners of the photography and music competition commenced by Serena. Both the competitions are part of the hotel’s cultural diplomacy initiative which aims to protect and encourage the cultural heritage of Pakistan and embolden young talents by providing them with a platform through which their efforts can stretch well.

Sarangi, a musical inventiveness began with an online competition which allowed amateur bands to contest. The 3 winners were preferred by a professional jury panel embracing Ali Noor of Noori, music director Nizar Lalani, and Sarmad Ghafoor.

The winners of the first SARANGI competition were Sannan Mehboob from Swat, Ahad John and Band from Faisalabad and Gohar Nayab and Band from Faisalabad. The winners received a trophy, certificate, and gifts from Serena Hotel and were given the chance to perform in the jamboree of diplomats, bureaucrats, journalists and music lovers from Islamabad.

Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, said,

“Serena has promoted the arts and intercultural activities to inspire a culture of peace and hope. And we truly believe in giving recognition and platform to the emerging artists that need recognition.”

The shimmering evening concluded with a performance by students of the Leif Larsen Music Centre (LMC) and received the donation from Serena Hotels to continue to progress in the field of music.


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