A traditional musical play presented 600 years ago will be staged in English at the venue Sadler’s Wells in London from September 7 to 9. It is titled ‘Sufi Musical Ishq.’ This showcase event is taking place to celebrate Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day, falling on 14th August 2017.

Sufi Musical Ishq is  scripted  by Mushfiq Murshed and the lyrics have been composed by Farooq Beg, Owen Smith and Ian Brandon.  The music has been produced by Brandon and Emu Fuzon. This folklore production basically features music and choreography brought together in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. It uses both classical and modern dance, poetry and a mix of fusion music.

Musical describes a love story that shook a male dominant society, putting the empowerment of women on center stage. It is a musical script that tells the story of two lovers and their disputing families, and is supposed to have the same place  in Punjabi literature as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has in English literature.

According to the Director of ‘Musical’, this is not merely a romance but is a co-creation of Eastern and Western talent to produce new sounds and moves, something that represents the Britain of today collaborating with Pakistani traditions.

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