Happy birthday Lata Mangeshkar!
Phaser Celebrates as the iconic singer of Bollywood film industry turns 88 today. She started her 73-year
music career when she was only 13, and today she is Hindi cinema’s biggest playback singer with over
25000 hit songs.
Her first ever recorded song was in 1942 and from 1942 to 2015, Indian Melody Queen crushed every
competition that came her way. Her melodious voice is admired by people worldwide and her music era
was renamed as the “Mangeshkar monopoly.”
The real talent of Lata was discovered by her father. She says,
“A particular incident sparked off my singing. While talking to Stardust in her old interview the singing
“It so happened that once my father asked his shagird (disciple) to practice a raag while he finished
some work. I was playing nearby and suddenly a note of the raag that shagird was rendering, jarred.
And the next minute, I was correcting him. When my father returned, he discovered a shagird in his
own daughter.”
Reportedly, Lata’s father who ran a theater said to Lata’s mother,
“We have a singer at home. We never knew it.”
The titanic figure of Bollywood film industry, Dilip Kumar, whom the singing legend addresses as her
elder brother, remarked,
“None have been able to equal Lata’s refinement. It is very difficult for anyone to compete with her
because she has invested so heavily in every person who cares about music – there’s such a lot of Lata
Mangeshkar in everyone.”
While she spoke to the Hindustan Times, Lata talked about her journey of 73-year career of singing,
“There were a lot of obstacles and troubles and I remember doing recordings day in and day out. Yes,
the initial days were very difficult, but now everything is okay. But even now, I have a desire to sing
more. If I get a chance to sing anything good, I will definitely do that”.
Her last recorded song was in 2005, she sang for the last time for an Indo-Pak love story.
Here are some of the hits of living legend Lata Mangeshkar:
1. Lag Jag Gale Se Phir
2. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi
3. Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh
4. Aye-Dil- E-Nadan
5. Bahon Mein Chale Ao
6. Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon
7. Tujhse Naraz
8. Tere Liye
9. Hum Bhool Gaye

10. Bindiya Chamkegi
Here’s our personal favorite of Lata Mangeshkar:

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