Kaynaat Naeem | December 7, 2017

Junaid Jamshed was a man of many labels – a trendsetter, a spiritual inspiration and the center of media attention.

Today, the nation pays tribute to the legend and marks the first death anniversary of the iconic singer, who died on the way to Islamabad from Chitral in a plane crash near Havelian city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday, last year, today. There is an overwhelming sense of loss because Junaid left a massive legacy behind.

During the course of his life, those who knew him say there was an aura around him and the singer worked with numerous other artists, such as Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat, Faakhir amongst many others. Every musician from across the country had nothing but praises for him.

Pakistani pop icon Zoheb Hassan, expressing his condolences,

“Junaid was a lovely person. He was a really good guy; he never hurt anybody. He never said anything to anyone; he would mind his own business. People said a lot of things about him – sometimes mean things, but he was still very gracious. He never got involved in any feuds.”

He further explained,

 “As a musician, he was great. His band, Vital Signs had an era to themselves. Dil Dil Pakistan is like an anthem for the country. People have said how great he was so I don’t think I need to add anything more since it justifies the impact he had on people.”

Pop singer Faakhir Mehmood shared his experience working with the voice of Woh Kaun Thi.

“Vital Signs broke barriers of pop music and were tremendously successful. We looked up to them and they paved the way for us. When I was in Awaz, he helped us record songs and I immediately liked him. During that time, Pakistani music was at its peak, both locally and globally so we had the opportunity to perform with Vital Signs in the US, UK, etc. We traveled a lot together and our friendship grew stronger,” he stated.

We remember feeling desolate, he gave us ‘Aitebar,’ when we were feeling patriotic, he gave us ‘Dil Dil Pakistan,‘ when we had a crush, he gave us, ‘Sanwali Saloni,’ when we were going through misery, he gave us ‘Samjhana,’ and the list is never-ending.

Here are some top favorites that we can’t stop listening to.

  1. Dil Dil Pakistan


  1. Sanwali Saloni


  1. Who Kaun Thi


  1. Na Tu Aaegi


  1. Goray Rang Ka Zamana


  1. Samjhana


  1. Chehra


  1. Ankhen


  1. Aitebar


  1. Ankhoon Ko Akhnoon Ne


Khuwab, a tribute to Junaid Jamshed, by Salman Ahmed:


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