Kaynaat Naeem | February 21, 2018

Strong comeback of RFAK as he is back in the studio!

The legendary RFAK has sung a new song titled Ishtehar, for an upcoming movie, Welcome to New York. The singer has teamed up with Dhvani Bhanushali for the duet.

Ishtehar is a beautiful soulful rendition and it was a pleasure to sing to the music of Shamirji and collaborate with Puja Music for this song. It’s great to witness a young girl like Dhvani who has a lovely voice making her debut and sing besides me,” Khan said in a statement.

Shamir ji has beautifully composed the song with Charanjeetji’s lyrics, giving it that magical touch,” he further added.

While an interview director Chakri Toleti of ‘Welcome to New York’ said: “The melodic tune, soulful lyrics, and Rahat sahab’s vocals are undoubtedly going to make everyone fall in love with the song.”

Ishtehar, has been composed by Shamir Tandon. The movie has been produced by Pooja Films and Wiz Films, and directed by Chakri Toleti.

The movie will be released on February 23, 18.

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