Kaynaat Naeem | July 17, 2017

Today, Pakistan is celebrating the 90th Birthday of Shahanshah-e-Ghazal (King of Ghazal). It has been five years that Pakistani ghazal singer ‘Mehdi Hasan’ has left this world, leaving his fans shaken. He is one of the greatest and most influential figures in the world of classical music.


Mehdi Hasan is credited with bringing ghazal singing to a worldwide audience.

He was born in a musical family in Luna, India. Besides his contributions to ghazal music, he influenced generations of singers from diverse genres, from ‘Jagjit Singh’ to ‘Sonu Nigham’.


Mehdi Hasan’s contributions to South Asian music have been immense and he has admirers and fans that run into millions all over the world. His hard-earned respect came from a life time spent in devotion, dedication and passion for classical singing.


Another titanic figure Abida Parveen in the field of music was influenced by Mehdi Hasan and stated that, “He has widened the horizons of Ghazal gayeki immeasurably.”

Mehdi Hasan’s contribution to Pakistani Film music was second to none. Proof, if even needed, lies in the fact that he was awarded as “Best Playback Singer Nigar Award” eight times, a figure even Noor Jehan couldn’t match.

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