Kaynaat Naeem | October 04, 2017

Shoaib Mansoor never disappoints the Pakistan Film Industry and as the first teaser of ‘Verna’ is out now, critics believe that it couldn’t have been more powerful. The film is directed, produced and written by Shoaib and features Pakistani sweetheart Mahira Khan as the leading lady. The film also stars Haroon Shahid, Zarrar Khan, Naimal Khawar and Rasheed Naz in lead roles.

Mahira made her film debut in Mansoor Shoaib’s Bol, so this is for the second time she has worked with him. As a response to a fan’s question about the film, Mahira said:

“Different from the last time! He lets you do your own thing, he’s my first teacher.”

Mahira’s hope for Verna is that “it resonates with everyone who watches it. I want it to live forever and ever.”

The leading lady of ‘Verna’ shared this on her twitter account.

The content of the film is based on a female protagonist. According to reports, Mahira plays a role of a rape survivor who seeks justice against her assaulters.

Another outstanding thing about the film is that it features a rap song by one of the most famous and talented musicians of Pakistan, Xpolymar Dar. He is a member of renowned band ‘Rap Engineers’ and in an exclusive conversation with Phaser Magazine, he said:

Power Di Game is all about the core issues embedded in our society. Certain wrongs that have become so normal for us that we have accepted them as norms. You’ll hear me talk about them in this track. 

When asked about his expectations for the film, he said:

“Power Di Game will connect with the masses. It speaks the heart of every curious person of our country. And I have given my soul to it. I cannot wait to see Verna. Shoaib Mansoor always gives us timeless masterpieces and I expect this to be no less. I am just grateful Shoaib Mansoor saw it in me to be a part of this masterpiece. “

Here’s the teaser of Verna and it also features the amazingly catchy track:

Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna is releasing Verna worldwide on November 17, 2017.

Phaser hopes that movie will connect to the entire world and the social issues of Pakistan. May music and film industry of Pakistan thrive!

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