We heard about the subliminal messages, but Snoop Dogg went a step ahead with that.
Snoop Dogg released his latest music video on Sunday by BADBADNOTGOOD for the remix of “Lavender”.  In the video, Snoop has seen shooting a clown dressed as Donald Trump with a toy gun that explodes with a “bang” flag. The video which is about police brutality, shows a world inhabited by clowns. When asked about the music video in an interview, Snoop explains, “The whole world is clownin’ around, If you really look at some of these mother******s, they are clowns.”
In an interview about the video, Snoop ran through his list of grievances by talking about the bad system. He said that people are in jail for years and years, for smoking weed just because of their color and ethnicity, while there is no end to what wrong the police and system does to the world.
Now let’s see what this sure-to-be-controversial video will bring to Snoop.
Watch the video (language warning): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4i3bAtEuJE

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