Kaynaat Naeem | September 27, 2017

“I’m Okay” is the new single that just got released a couple of days ago from the former Akcent boys.
Mihai Gruia accompanied Sorin Brontnei to launch their new single titled “I’m OKAY” on September 25,
17 and it will also be part of their upcoming album.
The composition and music production is signed by DOMG (Dorian Oswin and Mihai Gruia) who have
also worked on numerous successful productions with top artists from Romania. Besides, the TWO boys
will be filming their music video next week in a Romanian song “It hurts so well” to be released in mid-
TWO shared their deepest gratitude and talked about their upcoming videos as well.
“We put my heart and soul in some songs and we wish to reach several million people worldwide.” They

You can also catch music by DOMG:

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