There is a common perception of people about Veena Malik that she loves to stay in the news. And that is somewhat true. This time, Veena decided to come up with something that she never did before. Veena Malik releases her new music video, paying tribute to the armed forces of the country. The track, titled “Lashkar-e-Jarrar” was released on Monday, 10th April, in which Veena vocals “Maidan Main Aa Gayia Hay Mera Laskhr-e-Jarrar”.The video focuses on Veena, dressed up all white, while the footage’s of Pakistan Army soldiers performing their duties in the background.

The queen of controversy said goodbye to the TV back in 2013, when she got married. Then all of a sudden, Veena caught the headlines after almost 4 years, last month, when the news of her expected divorce came out. Soon after the expected divorced got ‘Cancelled’, Veena announces her upcoming music video on social media. Her divorce news was then taken as a publicity stunt by her followers, to get peoples’ attention towards her new single. Either it was a publicity stunt or Veena was actually going through a tough phase, she got peoples’ attention just before releasing the song. Public’s review about the song is yet to come.

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