Muhammad Amjad | February 6, 2018

2017 is definitely the year rock and roll took a turn in a Pakistan. From various different platforms came heaps of talent in the forms of Bands, Indie artists, and instrumentalist geniuses. But no one was expecting such a bold move by the guitar maestro Asad Ahmed.

Asad released 2 of his singles from an already anticipated album called “Rebirth”. The title track “Rebirth” and “Animal” took the nation by surprise as no one was expecting someone to come up with an all-instrumental guitar-based album. Asad, who has been a part of the music industry since almost 2 decades, has played with bands such Junoon, Karvaan, Awaaz, Barbarians and has collaborated with countless artists nationally and internationally. He was also a huge part of coke studio as he spent almost 6 seasons on the campaign with the house band. Asad who had sat down with an interview with Phaser, told us about the amount of hard work, time and dedication that has gone into the making of his album. He was not shy to mention everyone in the crew who had escorted him during the shoots for the title track of rebirth. Asad also stated his relationship with EMI and how they are working for the nourishment of copyrighted content to go out in the industry.

The story behind the making of the album is long and vast but the entirety of the situation Is that Asad has taken a huge step in the market which can be a game changer not only for him but also for countless other independent musicians of Pakistan who needed a little push of motivation to start their own careers. Asad doesn’t plan to end it here with one album, but he has many other projects in the pipeline which will soon be public.

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