Day by day music in Pakistan is revolutionizing with new trends and variations. More movies are

being produced and Directors are looking around for new, creative innovations in music to serve

as a strong support for their story line.

Cake, a Pakistani movie directed by the UK based Director Asim Abbasi will shortly be on the

big screen. The film has a number of layers and stars Adnan Malik in the lead, and the gorgeous

divas, Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh.

Giving a twist to the music in the film, Asim Abbasi is producing the score in collaboration with

the band by Saif Samejo known as The Sketches and Nepali Musicians.

The Sketches by Saif Samejo is a pioneer of Sufi folk rock from Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. The

love for their language and culture is being channeled to bring back the lost individuality we had

in our heritage. And produce work of excellence, in order to educate the world on the grace and

beauty of the Sindhi language.

There will be four to five songs in the film, the sound tracks are in Sindhi, Saraiki, Urdu and

Hindi. Nepalese musicians Roshan Sharma and Umesh Pandit will be playing the flute and

Mohan Veena, an Indian classical instrument, as well as the classical guitar. Apart from the

guitar, the musicians will also use the Sarangi, a classic Nepalese instrument.

Few days ago Saif Samejo posted a video on Instagram of the music of Cake. The rhythmic

composition seemed peaceful and one of a kind.

Phaser wishes the entire team of Cake all the best for a successful launch and run at the box


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