“The Thrill of it all”

The comeback album we were all waiting for.

“It’s been a long while since I’ve put any music out and I feel that this first single”, sets the tone of what is to come say, Sam Smith returns to the pitch after his last release “writings on the wall” for the James Bond movie, Spectre in 2015.

Sam Smith recently released two originals, “Too good at goodbyes” which debuted number 1 on the UK charts and generated 4.4 million streams and 33,000 downloads in its first week of its release. The second single “Pray” was released on 19th October, and is also on the number one list, while Smith plans to drop the 10 Song LP on the third of November 2017.

Since the release of these 2 singles, Smith has been performing and talking about his experience on making the Album, Smith performed both the originals on NBC’s Saturday night live.

In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest Smith got personal and gave insights on how personal this album is to him, he explains how the song “Too good at goodbyes” generated from a breakup. He also revealed that he had been writing songs for the album since he was on tour in 2015 and how he has worked on the album with analog recording just so that the sound comes out crisp and precise.

After almost a year break from the cameras, lights, and a vocal cord surgery, Smith plans to take over the Billboards and Charts once more. The two singles have already given a lot of pop musicians a run for their money and the competition is only getting harder.

Smith is going to tour UK and EU after the release of the LP in November, currently, he is performing shows in New York and then a few shows in UK and Ireland.

After Sam smith’s success, he is on his way to woo the audience, even more, this year. To be such an artist where every listener knows every lyric by heart and every swing of the beat is an excellence only a few performers tend to achieve in their musical careers. We can certainly expect crying, comfort eating and missing our Ex’s when the LP drops in November, and we can expect to see Sam Smith win more Oscars and Grammy’s in the Future.

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